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 Weekend Global Program sponsorship plays a vital role in organizing and promoting our events, as we depend on these funds for our projects and also for maintenance of our web  and related media resources.

 It is a fact that our main sponsors are advertisers, however, we welcome philanthropists, corporate bodies, government entities, program agents and individuals who wish to assist, sponsor or partner with us in organizing our programs or events to contact us.

Currently, we are developing new projects that include professional bookings, souvenirs, CDs  /DVD  production to promote big events, as well as youth programs for emerging talents  in various fields.

 When sponsoring our programs, we display our partners logos, names, banners or links on our products (website, souvenirs, journals, advertisement boards, flyers, etc.) based on approval.

Please feel free to give us your supports as this will help not only our projects but also create a brighter future to our young participants.

Thank you & God bless you!

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