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 Russia inaugurates new President

 Russian Putin install his chosen successor after a 70% landslide victory in March 2nd’ election in the country, marking Moscow's determination to propel further her own style of democratic moves.

 Dmitry Medvedev, who was formally the head of the presidential administration and First deputy prime minister in the cabinet succeed President Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, the 7th of May, and requested for Putin become his prime minister, as Mr. Putin is prohibited by Russian constitution for running for a third consecutive term.

Although Putin is no longer the president, but he remains a national leader, which he confirmed in his farewell speech that he remains committed to serving interest of the country all his lifetime. Medvedev's proposal would guaranteed him the role, because the parliament which is dominated by Putin’s led United Russia party proofed their capability to single handedly confirm his nomination with over 300 votes against 220 as demanded by the law.

In a meeting with the entire Political party leaders of the country, only the Communist party rejected the nomination but it had a minority vote in the Russian Duma, which made it impossible to stop Mr. Putin’s nomination.

 Mr. Vladimir Putin  presented to the Parliament his cabinet program before he was endorsed as the new No.2 man with a winning margin of 392 votes for and 56 against

His confirmation makes Mr. Putin the Prime minister of Russia for a second time, as he had already occupied the post in 1999 during second tenure tenure of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin. With these developments Mr. Putin has made a record by becoming the first Russian leader to serve in the highest political post of the country twice elected as the president and twice appointed as the prime minister.

Venezuelans crushed Hugo Chavez hope to build another socialist state in Latin America

 Venezuelans said no to President Hugo Chavez by crushing his hope to build another socialist state like Cuba in Latin America. In a stinging defeat Monday in a vote on constitutional changes that would have let him run for re-election indefinitely and solidify his bid to transform this major U.S. oil provider into a socialist state.

Voters defeated the sweeping measures by a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent, said Tibisay Lucena, chief of the National Electoral Council, with voter turnout just 56 percent.

She said that with 88 percent of the votes counted, the trend was irreversible.

"This was a photo finish," Chavez said immediately after the vote, adding that unlike past Venezuelan governments, his respects the people's will.

It was the first victory for an emboldened opposition against Chavez after nine years of electoral defeats.

"Don't feel sad," he urged his supporters, saying there were "microscopic differences" between the "yes" and "no" options in a referendum that Chavez's opponents feared could have meant a plunge toward dictatorship.

Chavez's supporters had faith he would use the reforms to deepen grass-roots democracy and more equitably spread Venezuela's oil wealth.

The changes would have created new forms of communal property, let Chavez handpick local leaders under a redrawn political map, permit civil liberties to be suspended under extended states of emergency and allow Chavez to seek re-election indefinitely. Now, Chavez will be barred from running again in 2012.

Other changes would have shortened the workday from eight hours to six, created a social security fund for millions of informal laborers and promoted communal councils where residents decide how to spend government funds. The reforms also would have granted Chavez control over the Central Bank and extended presidential terms from six to seven years.

Chavez had warned opponents ahead of the vote he would not tolerate attempts to incite violence, and threatened to cut off oil exports to the U.S. if Washington interfered.

The loss was unfamiliar territory for a leader who easily won re-election last year with 63 percent of the vote.

All was reported calm during voting but 45 people were detained, most for committing ballot-related crimes like "destroying electoral materials," said Gen. Jesus Gonzalez, chief of a military command overseeing security.

At a polling station in one politically divided Caracas neighborhood, Chavez supporters shouted "Get out of here!" to opposition backers who stood nearby aiming to monitor the vote count. A few dozen Chavistas rode by on motorcycles with bandanas and hats covering their faces, some throwing firecrackers.

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 The American  Question -

 Who is Obama?

The world is experiencing a new trend in global politics, and at the same time still retaining America as No.1 in sweeping democratic values with action. If you talked about an African American becoming the US president ten years ago, no one will take you serious because it was still a big doubt and no one could even imagine of what is happening today. Even five years ago, everyone was convinced that America is not yet ripe to have and African American as No.1 man, while blacks placed in higher positions in Washington were used as show cases for American democracy.

Fair enough the time has change and today, the story is totally different because the issue is now who is the best candidate and who can offer America more in terms of this present trouble?

Iraq, economy and foreign policy... It 's totally a mess, and even the blind can see that Republicans must be living in the outer space not to have seen, what damage Mr. Bush's policies have landed the once single handed super power after the breakdown of Soviet Union. But funny enough, Mr. Bush is still pretending as if he still believe in his lies on major policies he committed the country into.

With the help of Mr. Bush and his policies, not only the Russians are coming back to take their position but China is already at the door step with commendable economic policies to mobilize the third world into the future.

In some quarters, you may even come across some interesting questions like - “is Senator Obama the new JFK”?, or “is he the one to save America from the blunders she has committed in her global policies”, since president Bush came into the White House?

Definitely, the time is still coming for historical endorsements, but now Senator Obama must first defeat his democratic platform rival, the former First lady and also a senator, Hilary Clinton in the primaries before he can qualify his candidacy for the democratic party platform for the highest position.

Controversies in recent time toward his personality in question has spark swift reactions from Mr. Obama, and his speeches for self defense are everywhere on the frontlines, besides millions of voters are surfing the internet extensively not only to extract information on the campaigns but to utilize it in support to Senator Obama.

The media can no longer manipulate American politics as it was before. Daily analyses shows that majority of Americans, irrespective of their believes or colors or social statues are getting more convinced that Obama is their man, so now we are watching the new trend with oppositions switching over their backing from other candidates to Mr. Obama and for many American - “who is Obama?” is no longer the question.

Watch out for more to come, because all we've got for now is his bio, as presented by his campaign team.


Full Name: Barack Hussein Obama Jr.
Party: Democratic
Political Office: U.S. Senator from Illinois, elected 2004; member, Illinois State Senate 1997-2004
Business/Professional Experience: Attorney, law firm of Miner Barnhill & Galland (Chicago, IL), 1993-2004
Date of Birth: August 4, 1961
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
Home: Chicago, Ill.
Education: B.A. Columbia University 1983; J.D. Harvard Law, 1991
Spouse: married Michelle Robinson, 1992
Children: daughter Malia, born 1999; daughter Natasha, born 2001
Religion: United Church of Christ
Home: Chicago, Ill.
Campaign Web Site: barackobama.com

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