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About Weekend Global


Weekend Global is all about media and entertainment with related resources providing all links for the the promotion of of labels, products and services of Always Resources Ltd.

The mainstream entertainment and media holding is structured to take care of different aspects and stages of the interwoven marketing portal for businesses and emerging talents. In order words, this is a resources drive for products marketing, young talents and artists that need development and support.

We have wide range of duties relating to the global  music and entertainment activities, as well as media development and publication that we intend to focus more attention to, while we continue to look into new projects.

As an Independent media and specialize agency on the global scene, we focus not only on International Business Consulting but; dealing with Marketing & Entertainment management experts in local markets; Talents Booking; Software development and advertising.

Our specialists and partners have many years of experience working in different environments on specific projects and on strategic assignments.

It is therefore imperative to note, that this network was created, to deliver the best possible services to our clients, therefore your interest is well protected by optimizing the solutions on each given project, and at the same time making e-commerce research of current developments on the global market sectors to provide excellent results of effective management and service delivery in the global market place.














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